The Mantra to lose Ms. Weight

December 13, 2018

Are losing weight and getting into shape some of your New Year resolutions? Here are some secrets to help you reach that goal!

Hello friends!

I am Ms. Weight; I step into your life when you think 'I am hungry, let me have a cheeseburger,' and be an uninvited guest who never leaves you. After you acknowledge my presence, you start dreaming of losing me; but I wont leave you if you shoo-me-off lying down on your couch. And if we are together for a long-term, I will bring you deadly diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and thyroid disorders.

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Apart from your body and dreams, I am also found in your New Years resolution. According to the statistics, only 10% of the people succeed in losing me and accomplish their resolution; the remaining procrastinate their goals and eventually give up.

As the New Year is around the corner, I will share some secrets to keep me at bay this year and help you reach your goal being fit and losing weight.

Discover the Mantra:

When Being Fit is your resolution, not knowing the right way, you immediately switch to extreme physical activities and start surviving on salads. But such drastic changes in your lifestyle will leave you exhausted and demotivated, eventually losing the will to keep going. So, you need to understand that overall well-being is immensely influenced by your mindset, thoughts, and behaviour.

Thus, instead of focusing only on diet and exercise, your fitness mantra should be eat, sleep, workout, laugh, and have a positive attitude. Before you begin, look at these suggestions to make your resolution last longer.

  • Write your resolution: Be determined and make a realistic goal with a time frame and write it down. Hang or stick your goal in a place where it can be noticed every day. This will regularly remind you of the goal and help you accomplish it. Also, track your progress; if you observe the results you will be motivated to stick to your resolution, but if you dont see any results, work harder to achieve them.
  • Look for professional guidance: If you are a beginner of any form of workout, it is better to hire a professional trainer or a nutritionist for few sessions to initiate a structured program and make you follow it. They will also advise you on how to overcome obstacles or setbacks that may come your way. Later, you can follow the scheduled program without any help.
  • Enjoy your workout: Pause for a minute and think what form of exercise you might enjoy, then begin with that workout. If you force yourself to do an exercise you wont enjoy, you may not return to it the next time. Also, include some variations in your workout so that you dont get bored with the same routine.
  • Aim for realistic body image: It is crucial for us to realise that everyone has different body types. There is no rule that one diet or exercise should work for everybody. Plan your workout schedule according to your body mass index (BMI). If you notice changes in your BMI and you are getting fit, then you should be confident with the body you have rather than comparing it with others.
  • Keep an eye on what you eat: Your food plays a significant role in maintaining good health. Record what you eat to analyse where you go wrong, this will make you conscious about your food choices. Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet and avoid junk food. Also, stay away from alcohol and adulterated beverages.

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  • Listen to your body: When you feel tired or crave for a brownie, take a break. One cheat day per week will allow your body to re-energise and fulfil your desires and encourage you to keep going. It is okay to treat yourself when you are following your resolution sincerely.

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So, be determined to lose me and accomplish your resolution. Keep your bodies and minds healthy this year.

I wish you all a Happy 2019!

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