Cold and Flu: Go Easy On Yourself To Feel Better

August 06, 2019

This is the season of Monsoon, which means your surroundings are wet, and your office space may be full of people sneezing and coughing. Yes, Cold and Flu warm up on us that easily. It all starts with a sore throat that gradually turns to cough, sneeze, and sniffs. Since our childhood, we have known that Cold and Flu are not one-day treatable. Instead, they take up to a week to go away. In this article, we will share a few tips that will help you feel better if you are going through Cold and Flu. So, sit back with a cuppa of herbal tea and take notes!

Relaxation Should Be Top Priority

Cold and Flu

During Cold and Flu, our body is in a vulnerable state as it tries to fight back the infection. The best we can do in such condition is to sit back and relax. Your body demands rest, and that's what you should give it instead of stressing it out. Maybe taking a day off your work could help in awarding proper rest to your body. And by resting, we mean all-round rest and not bingeing on your favourite TV show, skimping on your sleep may act as a barrier in fighting infections. Also, if you find it discomforting to sleep, try using an additional pillow.


Load Up On Liquids

Cold and Flu

Loading up on fluids helps in breaking the congestion and mucus. What's more? It helps in preventing and headache too while keeping the body hydrated. However, by liquid intake, we mean lukewarm water intake not caffeinated and aerated drinks like Coffee and Soda. Sipping on non-caffeine hot beverages like herbal or lemon tea is the best way to feel better during Cold and Flu.




Salt Water Gargle

Cold and Flu

You know what soothes a sore throat? salt-water gargle! Your throbbing throat would feel better when you gargle with lukewarm salt-water. It's pretty simple, just add half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of lukewarm water and gargle it at regular intervals.

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Steam It Out

Cold and Flu

Boil some water in a big bowl and put your face at a safe distance over the steam. Do it while holding a towel above your head to block the steam from going up in the air. Inhale the steam to unblock your nose and throat. Repeat this process twice a day to soothe your nose and throat.





Chicken Soup or Veg Soup and Honey

Cold and Flu

Yes, Chicken soup is indeed the best diet for gloomy health days. Many pieces of research point that Chicken soup helps in calming inflammation in the body. It can ease symptoms like aches and stuffiness. Additionally, the calories in Chicken soup are ample for providing energy to the body. If you are a vegetarian, then you can go for the veg clear soup to soothe your throat.

Another Cold and Flu soothing food is Honey. The sticky substance coats the throat to soothe a cough. Having a teaspoon of Honey before bedtime may help in getting a sound sleep with less coughing.

Inputs by Dr. Vighnesh

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