Dengue Fever: Treating Dengue At Home

September 03, 2019

Monsoon is an exciting season of the year. Although it makes the surroundings wet and playful, it also triggers mosquito-borne diseases like Dengue. One mosquito bite can land you in a hospital, which is why Dengue is often referred to as 'Break-bone fever'. How can one deal with Dengue spread in his/her surroundings? Are there any home remedies to treat Dengue? What measures can be taken to keep mosquitos at bay? All these questions pop-up in our heads and this article will serve as a guide to all.

Dengue: Practices To Follow

Keeping your surroundings clean should be at the top of your list to prevent Dengue. Since there is no effective vaccine to guard you against this deadly disease, precautions should be taken.

  1. Do not leave water storage tanks or any other water source like coolers open at your home.
  2. Do not water your plants in excess as the pots can act as a breeding ground for mosquitoes
  3. Use mosquito nets or repellents at home
  4. In your locality, get stagnant water sources cleaned

Consult a Doctor

Dengue: Treatments

Preventing Malaria this Monsoon

There is no antiviral treatment for Dengue, but development in the field of medical science has brought in substantial medical care for the patients. For the ones suffering through Dengue symptoms, it is recommended to seek medical attention from doctors and not completely rely on home remedies.

Dengue Shock Syndrome gives way to symptoms like abdominal pain, bleeding, blood in the stool and vomit, and more. In such cases, doctors admit patients in the hospital for complete care. Not just the patient, family members are also checked for plausible Dengue spread.

Doctors also monitor the blood pressure of the patient to ascertain accurate information concerning blood pressure in arteries. The next step is usually blood transfusion in cases where patients suffer an excessive loss of red blood cells (RBCs) and also when the production of RBCs is inadequate.

Get Dengue IgG - Serum Test

Dengue NS1 Antigen - Serum

Dengue: Home Remedies

Cold and Flu

During the initial stages of Dengue fever or when the symptoms are mild, one may also try some of the age-old home remedies that can contribute towards controlling the spread of the disease. Remember, these are just suggestions and shall not be used as the only means of cure. A patient must be taken to a doctor when the major symptoms show up.

Giloy Juice

Giloy is a herb that can be used as a home remedy for Dengue. It can be consumed as a drink by boiling and blending in a mixer. The herb is known for improving the immune system to fight diseases.

Papaya Leaves Juice

Papaya leaves are rich in Vitamin C that boosts immunity. These leaves can also help in increasing the platelets count and producing antioxidants in the body. Papaya leaves juice can be prepared by soaking in cold water and then making a juice out of them. Pregnant women must avoid this remedy.

Fenugreek Leaves Juice

Fenugreek leaves aids in treating fever and pain. One can soak them overnight in water and then make a juice.

Azadirachta indica aka Neem Leaves Juice

Azadirachta Indica, aka Neem leavesare rich in antibacterial properties and can aid in increasing platelet count in the blood. Continual consumption of Neem leaves juice boosts body immunity. Soak the Neem leaves in cold water and then prepare juice. Recommended consumption dose is three to four times a day. Pregnant women and Diabetic patients must avoid this remedy.

Basil Leaves Water

Basil leaves are also rich in antibacterial properties and promote in releasing sweat to ensure healthy blood circulation. Boil Basil leaves in water and keepthe mix to cool overnight. Drain the water in a bottle or glass and drink it two-three times a day. Avoid this remedy if you have low blood pressure.

With Inputs from Dr. Vighnesh

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