Common yet Significant Symptoms of Cancer

March 01, 2019

These symptoms may try to decieve you but being alert can save your life. Read this blog to find out more about these common but consequential cancer symptoms you should watch out for.

Hello everyone!

Today, before diving into the main concern of the blog, let's play a small game. You will have to guess who I am, with the clues I give you. So, let's begin.

I am a small unit found in all human beings, so small that I am not visible to your naked eye. I combine with a million other units and make up the human body. Hence, I am referred to as the fundamental unit of life. I perform various functions depending upon my location. I divide and multiply in 24 hours and give rise to two more units. Thus, I pass on the important information to these units, and they carry out the same function. This cycle continues until the end of life.

So, did you guess who I am? In case you didnt, I am the cell.

But a few days ago, something went wrong. I began to divide faster than normal. The smart scientists say that this rapid division may be because of a sudden change in my genes or due to the toxins that I am exposed to; however, the exact reason is not known. I gave rise to a family of cells that are capable of invading other parts of your body.

Within no time, I became a cancer cell.

My functions have varied a lot; the difference is huge. Rather being good, I am evil now. I bring along the deadliest disease ever. I am tough to detect; but when my family grows quite big, we will be seen on specific scans. Once I am in your life, I wont leave you that easily. The longer I stay in your body, the stronger my effects are. As I am not found easily, it is very difficult to kill me. If I am caught early, the person can heal; if not, I make the persons life a living hell.

How deadly can I be?

The World Health Organization stated that 9.6 million cancer patients would lose their lives in 2018 across the globe (1). In the United States, 609,640 cancer deaths and 1,735,350 new cases were estimated to occur in 2018 (2). Moreover, total cancer deaths in India were 7,84,821 in 2018, of which 4,13,519 were men and 3,71,302 were women (3).

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The sooner, the better!

As I am so difficult to be eradicated, I will give you a tip to have more chances to survive my disease diagnose me early. Even before showing major symptoms I will give you some indications, and if you notice these signs, consult a doctor and confirm the diagnosis.

The following are some of the signs and symptoms that suggest I have begun to invade your body:

  • Appetite loss: Cancer can change the way you metabolize food and produce energy, which can alter your appetite.
  • Weight loss without trying: An unexplained weight loss is a common sign among most of the cancer patients.

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  • Blood in the stool: Cancers in the digestive system can bleed, which can be in your stool.
  • Blood in urine: Bladder or kidney cancer can result in bleeding that can be seen in urine.
  • Long-term cough: Cough that stays for a long duration, along with other symptoms like chest pain, hoarseness, and shortness of breath, may indicate lung cancer.

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  • Extreme fatigue: Long-term exhaustion that doesnt reduce even after getting enough sleep or changing the levels of physical activity, can be a sign of cancer.
  • Long-term fever: Leukemia, lymphoma, liver, and kidney cancers can also cause fever for a long time.
  • Lumps: Cancer in the throat, mouth, thyroid, or larynx (voice box) can cause painless lumps that dont go away or grow over time.
  • Night sweats: Cancer can also cause night sweats.
  • Skin changes: A growth in the skin that looks different or a sore that doesnt go away can be a potential indicator of skin cancer.
  • Swollen lymph nodes: Lumps in the underarms or the side of your neck, can indicate breast cancer or lymphoma, respectively.

The above-mentioned signs can be symptoms of other conditions and may not always indicate cancer. However, it is recommended to get tested to rule out cancer and be on a safer side.

Differences in Men and Women:

Although the signs are common for both men and women, some changes might be seen when cancer attacks their respective reproductive systems. Given below are some of the symptoms that vary among men and women:

Symptoms in Men

Symptoms in Women

Blood in semen, or pain during urination or ejaculation can indicate prostate or bladder cancer.

Bleeding between the monthly periods or after menopause can indicate endometrial or cervical cancer.

A lump in the testicle that doesnt hurt can be a warning of testicular cancer.

A lump or any skin changes in the breast can be a potential symptom of breast cancer.

Thus, visit a doctor when I show these symptoms and get a complete diagnosis. The doctors will use some weird machines called CT, MRI, PET scan, and others to produce images and visualize my family.

The sooner you find me, the more chances of your survival. Pay attention to the signs your body shows to live a healthy, long life.

Also, spread this information to your friends, family and as many people as possible to make this World Cancer Awareness Day (i. e. on 4th February) a success.

Thank you!


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